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☂ under my white umbrella.

love is delicious // and so is Changmin ♥
30 June
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here's to forever.
pure chinese. twenty-three. bisexual. bored. procrastinator. vain. petite size. eater. writer. unromantic. very pragmatic. down-to-earth. partial banana. graduated. bartender. shopping. hates kids. dbsk. shim changmin.

a girl who doesn't know what to do with her life. period.

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Support love.

ianinna   isKim Jaejoongto myShim Changmin
junsu_hyung   isKim Junsuto myShim Changmin

my ~love for Shim Changmin 《심창민》 is bigger than the Image Hosted by ImageShack.us's vitality

I am 「Changmin's Video Watching Partner In Bed Wife

I am 「Jaejoong's Closet Mistress

I am 「Junsu's Oyaji Gag Bookworm

I am 「Yoochun's Starbucks Coffee Mate

I am 「Yunho's Personal Dance Drilling Daughter

KIM JUNSU is my mother.

SHIM CHANGMIN is my husband.

PARK YOOCHUN is my younger brother.

KIM JAEJOONG is my pet hamster.


With each a s s i n g
I continue to hope that
SHIM CHANGMIN will appear
on my
doorstep, holding two red balloons.

SHIM CHANGMIN makes my inner fangirl giggle and flail to { no end }.

Shim Changmin is the perfect epitome of Sex.

I can't live without some JAEMIN fanservice. ☆.•°

Blame it on [ JAEMIN ] if I end up in HELL
for having dirty thoughts and doing nasty things.